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10+ years ago I built my home and used Durango levers throughout. Recently several of them started BREAKING. I called Emtek's customer service because on their website it states that they provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The CSR told me that the Limited Lifetime warranty only applies to products purchased since 2012. Anything purchased prior to 2012 had only a 5 year warranty. What? Who in this day and age expects their door handles to start breaking after a few years (and these are not $30 handles either but rather $150) ? Either way shame on me for not paying attention when I bought the product. When I asked them to provide me with the mentioned warranty they declined saying that it was my responsibility to keep the warranty slip that came with the product.

The CSR actually suggested that I purchase a replacement product. RIGHT! I am just about to spend $130 - $150 per door on a product that does not last and that is produced by a company that does not stand behind their products.

The bottom line is that EMTEK does not stand behind their product and their product is ***.


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of emtek durango lever and associated monetary loss in the amount of $450. Emtek needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Well isn't that just dandy. I spent $3,200.00 on Emtek Durango Bronze door levers for my home I built in 2008.

It looked like I would need to take the door off as the exterior handle on a machine room did not activate the latch and the door would not open. After using some knifes I was able to move the latch and got the door opened. The latch mechanism and the outside handle spring were broken.

Now I see that the warranty is crap after buying these, what I thought were high end products, and I have to throw away a $150 door hardware. Never use Emtek if this is how they treat their final user customers.

Powell River, British Columbia, Canada #1185875

I am in the exactly the same situation! Home 10 years old,used emtek hardware throughout, very disappointed.

Interior doors seem to be holding out,with exception to the finish..6 exterior doors are toast! Inner parts started breaking within the first 6 years and my local building supply and Emtek dealer was awesome at replacing the parts and going to bat for me with Emtek. However they have stopped carrying all Emtek products because of customer complaints and the lack of support from Emtek backing up their products.

Just the fact that they do not warranty anything before 2012 tells me that they know they sold duds.

btw raised 4 kids for 19 years in our last home and never hand to replace a basic builders grade door handle. hmmm

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